About Us

Welcome to Little Music Makers® Potsdam!

Early childhood music classes in English
for children from one – four years old and their parents.

Our online spring semester started on April 12th. Click on “Classes” for more information or “Registration” to register.

You can attend an online trail session to see how much fun we’re having in the safety of our own homes! For more information and registration please click “Demo” in the menu.

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What is Little Music Makers?

Little Music Makers® is a music school in Potsdam for early childhood music education in English.
Our music classes are for children ages 1 – 4 years and their parents.

Our lessons are mixed-age, i.e. babies, toddlers and young children can join in the same course and sing, dance and make music together!

Our music classes help to build a foundation in music and English with a special educational concept.

Due to Corona our program is currently offered Online and in small groups in Potsdam Innenstadt.

Free demo classes are frequently offered.
Experience for yourself how refreshing and engaging children’s music can be!


  • Building a foundation in music and English with no previous knowledge or experience required
  • Playful, child-friendly learning without pressure
  • Participation is encouraged through catchy rhythms and grooves
  • Dance and movement, rhythmic and melodic games
  • Fun!


    • Mix of popular English and German songs newly arranged with English lyrics as well as original compositions
    • Introduction to different keys and musical styles like jazz, blues, rock, pop, folk, world and classical music
    • Broad variety of music that parents can enjoy as well
    • Playing simple instruments like rhythm sticks, drums, egg shakers, resonator bells etc.


    • New songbook and CD every 10 week term
    • Changing musical content
    • Participation of siblings through mixed-age groups

antjeaction2020-2021 SCHEDULE

FALL 2020:  September 7th – November 16th (off October 19th for Fall Break)

Pre-Registration (families participating in the Spring session) – July  3rd, 2020

Open registration for ALL families July 15th, 2020

HOLIDAY 2020: November 30th – December 14th

Open registration for ALL families October 18th, 2020

WINTER 2021: January 11th – March 16th

Pre-Registration (families participating in the Fall session) – November 4th, 2020

Open registration for ALL families November 16th, 2020

SPRING 2021: April 12th – June 24th (off May 13th for Himmelfahrt and May 24th for Pfingsten)

Pre-Registration (families participating in the Winter session) – February 28th, 2021

Open registration for ALL families March 17th, 2021